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Bamboo Leaf Tea - Make Your Own

Bamboo Tea Basics
Bamboo tea is an herbal tea. The process for making bamboo leaf tea is simple.
You pick the leaves, dry them, then steep the dried leaves in boiling water.

Bamboo leaf tea is rich in silica, an ingredient important in bone and other rigid tissue health. People drink this tea to improve bone health, strengthen hair and nails, improve dental health and make skin more elastic and healthy.

 Dietary Fiber
 A typical cup of bamboo leaf tea contains 1 g of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber aids your body's natural cleansing systems. This can contribute to digestive health, as well as help your body clean your bloodstream of harmful LDL cholesterol.

To make ice tea, boil 6 quarts of water, measure 1/2 cup of loose leaf tea and add to the water. Bring the water to a rolling boil and then turn off the stove. Cover and let it sit for several hours to cool.

When the water has cooled add sweetener and pour into glass containers. Sweeten with Agave,
Sweet Leaf (Stevia) or honey.

Fill sports bottles with sweetened tea for a great to-go drink in the fridge ready to grab as you head out the door.

Jazz your tea up with dried banana leaf, dried lemon grass, dried lemon or orange peels, dried fruit or berries, mint, ginger. Make it to your taste, knowing that each new ingredient adds more health benefits.
Combine the dry ingredients before adding to boiling water, then strain when the water cools.

Sweeten and add fresh squeezed juice of lemon, limes or oranges to taste (optional).

Adding dried banana leaf to this tea is used as a treatment for Diabetes and overweight.

In general terms, the prepared leaves of bamboo act as stimulants, aromatics, and work as a general tonic. They are useful in counteracting spasmodic disorders (spasms, fits), and in stopping infection and bleeding. The leaves are also said to be beneficial in the treatment of stomach disorders, in promoting digestion, and as commonly used in many parts of India, as a decoction to treat diarrhea. Bamboo leaf decoction is also used to stimulate menstruation, regulate menstrual periods, kill intestinal worms (especially thread worms), and is an effective treatment for ulcers. Additionally, for centuries the leaves were chewed for their aphrodisiacal effects.

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